What is YoKartz?

About YoKartz

YoKartz is the world’s first secure app-based versatile trolley cart sharing platform helping multifamily apartment residents to move their belongings with ease. Use it as your grocery cart, utility cart, heavy duty moving dolly, and overall exceptional trolley cart within the convenience of your own community. YoKartz utilizes a smart lock system combined with the smartphone app that enables residents to use our carts 24/7.

How to use YoKartz

Step 1

Step 1

Download the YoKartz app and create your account

Step 2

Step 2

Scan QR code with your smartphone to retrieve the cart

Step 3

Step 3

For only $2 every 30 minutes, use the cart as needed

Step 4

Step 4

Return the cart back to its location to end your rental

Finally, there is a convenient way to move your belongings with ease 24/7 in your community home!

Reasons to use YoKartz

Property Amenity your Residents will Love

Have you ever come home from Costco with a car full of groceries and dreaded the unloading process? After a long day of work and shopping the last thing community residents want to do is struggle with bags and boxes. Now, you do not have to. Scan a QR code at the cart attendant with your smart phone and roll your items home nice and easy in our YoKartz cart which is conveniently located in your community. Return the cart back in one hour or less at no charge.

Save Leasing Management Time and Improve Residents’ Living Experience

Our research shows property managers and leasing staff spend at least 10 minutes dispensing and 10 minutes restocking the office cart available for residents to use each time resident needs to borrow it. That process repeated several times a day can add up to hours wasted playing policeman to a cart which is likely unappealing to begin with. Not to mention the frustration residents feel when confronted with the task of leaving their ID card at the office in order to borrow a cart. The leasing agents’ time is much better spent leasing apartments rather than guarding a cart. Additionally, the residents time is best avoiding the frustration and hassle of going to huntdown a cart at the property center.

Protect Property from Ware and Tare and Avoid Personal Injury Onsite

When moving is done improperly and with the wrong tools it can damage and put more ware and tare on community property. Having a YoKart available to residents ensures that when they have bulky items to move during move ins and outs they are moved safely and effectively with the least chance of property damage or personal injury. Great for your day to daygrocery trips and able to withstand 440 lbs load of sofas, TVs, and bedroom sets at the same time.


Bluetooth Ring Lock Technology

Heavy duty trolley carts with max capacity of 440 lbs

Smart Phone App

Self-Managing System Hassle Free

Fee structure to encourage prompt return of YoKart to The Attendant

Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

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